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South 25 Entertainment is an Independent Record Label with a Global Perspective.

C.E.O. & Founder, Axel Jose Rosa a.k.a. LOLA was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Raised by immigrant parents from Honduras, Axel was exposed to both the English and Spanish languages. He graduated from Grace King Senior High in Metairie, La.  In his junior year, he along with other classmates successfully organized a talent show for the entire student body. Organizing this talent show opened Axel's eyes to potential dreams that he wanted to make a reality one day, entertainment.

After earning his first degree in 2012, and working in the hospitality management field, he decided to go back to school in late 2015 to make his entertainment dreams come true and enrolled at 

Full Sail University earning both his Bachelor's and Master's in Entertainment Business to further expand his knowledge in the entertainment industry. Some of his achievements include successfully organizing his high school talent show, a dream hospitality promotion at the age of 18 and earning both his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Entertainment Business with an immediate after graduation international music tour internship with a reputable Talent Agency. While interning and assisting at Live Fast Entertainment now known as Blue Moon Entertainment and the Backwoods Riot Music Festival, he had the opportunity to tour North America and Canada further adding to his tools of success for the music industry.  Since being on tour, Axel, Lola has returned to New Orleans to work with local talent and entertainers, give the Louisiana Latino music scene some extra flavor and give back to his community. In late 2020 he directed and released his debut artist EDG El Agresivo, music video for his single Sufrimiento. Ultimately, his main goal is to not only guide his artists through their careers but to also educate them and to represent hard workers who want their dreams to come true, just like his!

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