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Business Services

Have you ever wondered how to start a business or get your music online or maybe even need a little push with the media for your new film, product or project?? Then you're in the right place! 

Social Media Management

Need someone to be the middle man between you and your music, film, video game, or business? South 25 Entertainment specializes in managing projects from the start to developmental phases and beyond!

South 25 entertainment managers are responsible for negotiating on the client's behalf when it comes to contracts involving booking, endorsements, sponsorships, record deals and more. Their manager's schedule, organize, secure and eat breathe and sleep their clients always keep in mind their clients best interest. 

Do you have a song, film, product, video game idea or project but don't know where to start to get eyes on it? Sure, posting it to your personal social media page is great but it may need a little more of a push. Don't worry, we are here for a reason! South 25 delights in identifying target audiences and coming up with creative ways to expose brands, products, new music singles, new films, and video games. With solid research, effective communication, both creating and implementing a solid strategic plan South 25 can get eyes on what you want and then it's up to you to sell them! We dabble in both traditional and digital marketing.  

So you've got your traditional marketing under control, great! However, you know that your social media or your product's presence online needs a little flavor to the mix? No worries, the majority of the staff at South 25 are all about posting at peak hours, selfies, cost per click, boomerangs, snaps and more to get your brand or product going and flowing!



So you know you have fans and want to throw your first show, plan a tour, a store appearance or hosting gig but never thought of a way how or don't take action because of financial scares or issues? Relax, South 25 does the business part of the shows such as reseacrhing venues and fan base locations, seeking and securing sponsorship and endorsement deals on behalf of the show or tour. You want your show to do well as opposed to the occasional coffee shop or local hole in the wall bar performance, no offense, South 25 loves intimate performances but at some time, the goal is Madison Square Garden or better yet the Mercedes-Benz Superdome


Branding? Check! Marketing plan and implementation? Check! Create a Budget? Double Check! Got people talking about your new song, film or product? ... Hmm... Yea, that's where South 25 comes in. Publicity is all about exposing your brand, newest project or business endeavor?  Start the conversation and keep it going! From bloggers to influencers to everyday media persona and content. South 25 will work to secure the best interviews and press to get people to talk about you and your brand! 


Feel like you can manage it all on your own but also wouldn't it be nice if you could pick up the phone and ask a professional for advice without committing to a what seems to be a forever contract?! South 25 can help too because they believe in effective communication during a one night stand or a long distance relationship! You get the idea people.


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